Whitehill Village Hall Shared-Use Pedestrian and Cycle Route

Whitehill and Bordon Green Grid Green Loop

Last update: June 2021

Scheme Overview

The new path forms an important link in the wider Whitehill and Bordon Green Grid Green Loop (GGGL) network; a project which seeks to provide improved connections between new and existing areas of the town through the delivery of high-quality walking and cycling routes.
The scheme will deliver a new shared-use pedestrian and cycle path, approximately 100m in length, from C114 Camp Road via the rear of Whitehill Village Hall. At the western end the path will connect to a Public Right of Way cycle-track to be delivered at a later date by HCC Countryside Services.

Improvement works will include:

  • Construction of a new path;
  • Street lighting;
  • Village hall boundary fence;
  • Associated drainage.

Trees will be planted as replacement for those felled to facilitate construction. Replanting of wilding, native trees and beelines along the HCC owned verge between the perimeter fence and the C114 will offer a good level of canopy cover replacement within a reasonable time and compensate any trees removed.

Works completed.

Technical Plan
Please view the Whitehill Village technical plan
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