Meal planning

What's for dinner?

Meal planning is all about only asking that question once a week rather than every day and bringing some harmony to your kitchen.

Everyone has their own way of making a meal plan. Here is some inspiration for making the most out of your food:

  • include core recipes that you know you and your household like
  • be flexible by mixing up meals like curry based on the fresh ingredients you buy
  • how far can the ingredients be stretched across different dishes? Could that bag of potatoes be used for mash one night and jackets the next?
  • have a cupboard staples meal, like pasta and chopped tomatoes, for those not-enough-time-in-the-day situations
  • make meals which also work great as leftovers for lunch the next day
  • there's no need to plan a meal for every day

There are some clever ways to save recipes and build a plan online, including Copy Me That which lets you store all your recipes from across different websites in one place.

A plate of spaghetti and sauce