Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is in use at all of our Household Waste Recycling Centres

To deter traders from attempting to abuse the permit scheme by accessing sites in non commercial-type vehicles such as cars, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is in use at all of our HWRCs. Traders, by the nature of their work, tend to visit the sites much more frequently than householders and ANPR will be able to recognise these most frequent users.

Use of ANPR by Hampshire County Council is subject to the following Code of Practice.

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to regulate the management, operation and use of the automatic number plate recognition camera (ANPR) system operated at household waste recycling centres (HWRC) in Hampshire and will be subject to review every two years to include consultation as appropriate with interested parties.

The ANPR system:

  • comprises a number of fixed dedicated number plate recording cameras at the 26 HWRCs in the County
  • is owned by Hampshire County Council
Objectives of the scheme

To support the use of the permit scheme.

To manage misuse of HWRCs.

To prevent and identify the illegal trade use at HWRCs sites.

To count vehicle use of the sites.

To collect data for understanding trends and to help with future provision of facilities.

To collate data that indicates busy and quiet times of the day.

Statement of intent

The ANPR Scheme will be registered with the Information Commissioner under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Hampshire County Council comply with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Hampshire County Council will treat the system and all information, documents and recordings obtained and used as if data were protected by the Act.

ANPR cameras will be used to monitor vehicle activities within the HWRCs and to identify vehicle activity actually occurring, and for the purpose of securing the safety and wellbeing of the County Council together with its visitors, agents and employees.

Staff have been instructed that the ANPR cameras are not to be tampered with or redirected at all for any reason.

Notification signs, that ANPR is in operation have been placed at the vehicle access route to HWRCs. These are in accordance with Hampshire County Council's policy on signage.

Operation of the system

The System will be administered and managed by the Waste & Resource Management section in accordance with the principles and objectives expressed in this code.

The day to day management will be the responsibility of both Hampshire County Council and its site contractor.

The ANPR system will be operated 24 hours each day, every day of the year.

Data recording and retention

Data will be used by authorised officers of Hampshire County Council for the purposes outlined in paragraph 2 and only shared with our site contractor, the Environment Agency or the Police where appropriate.

Data will normally be held for 12 months, unless investigations into alleged misuse of the HWRC is ongoing. Normal retention periods will then apply.

The Environment Agency may require the Council to retain the stored data for possible use as evidence in the future. Such data will be properly indexed and properly and securely stored until they are needed by the Environment Agency.

Applications received from outside bodies to view or release data will be referred to the Data Protection Officer. In these circumstances data will normally be released where satisfactory documentary evidence is produced showing that they are required for legal proceedings or in response to a Court Order.

Breaches of the code (including breaches of security)

Any breach of the Code of Practice by Hampshire County Council staff will be initially investigated by the Section Manager in order for him/her to take the appropriate disciplinary action.

Any serious breach of the Code of Practice will be immediately investigated and an independent investigation carried out to make recommendations on how to remedy the breach.

Access by the data subject

The Data Protection Act provides Data Subjects (individuals to whom 'personal data' relates) with a right to data held about themselves, including those obtained by ANPR.

Requests for subject access requests (SARs) should be made on an application form available from the Hampshire County Council Data Protection Officer, Chief Executive's Department, Elizabeth II Court, The Castle, Winchester, Hants. SO23 8UJ. The form is also available to the public, online and at Information Centres. A fee of £10 is required for all SARs.

Make a subject access request

Public information

Copies of this Code of Practice will be available to the public from Waste & Resource Management, Hampshire County Council, and from the Data Protection Officer.


Any complaints about the Hampshire County Council ANPR scheme should be addressed to

Hampshire County Council
Waste & Resource Management
First Floor, Elizabeth II Court West
The Castle
SO23 8UD

Summary of key points

  • This Code of Practice will be reviewed every two years
  • The ANPR system is owned and operated by Hampshire County Council
  • Liaison meetings will be held with the Contractor and the Environment Agency
  • Data will be used properly, stored and destroyed after the retention period
  • Data may only be viewed by Authorised Council Officers
  • Data will be deleted in accordance with the County Councils IT Security Policy
  • Any breaches of this code will be investigated by the County Council. An independent investigation will be carried out for serious breaches
  • Breaches of the code and remedies will be reported to the Data Protection Officer