Out of county customers

Hampshire residents must register their vehicles online before their next visit for continued free access to HWRCs.

In 2021 customers from outside of Hampshire will be charged £5 each time they use a Hampshire HWRC.

Portsmouth and Southampton residents can continue to use all HWRCs in Hampshire for free, as long as they have registered with Hampshire’s system. 

Arrangements have been made for Dorset Council residents to register for free access to Somerley HWRC and for West Sussex residents to register for free access to Petersfield and Havant HWRCs. Residents in these areas can now register using the online form. Only Hampshire residents can apply for a permit to visit the HWRCs in a commercial-type vehicle (e.g. van or pick up) or with a large trailer.

The permit scheme for Hampshire residents to access Newtown Road Recycling Centre in Newbury, West Berkshire, has been extended until 31 July 2021.

Why non-Hampshire residents are being charged

Discussions have been ongoing with neighbouring waste disposal authorities to try to establish a consistent approach to cross border usage, but this has not been possible. Some of our neighbouring authorities, who are unfortunately facing similar financial pressures to Hampshire, have taken the difficult decision to prevent non-residents using their Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). The County Council recognises that access to a convenient local HWRC is important to encourage recycling, but we also want to be fair to Hampshire council tax payers, which is why we are looking at non-Hampshire residents contributing to the cost of providing this service. The introduction of a charge will allow non-residents to continue to use Hampshire sites while ensuring that a contribution to cover the cost of disposal is received.

Councils are only required to provide disposal of household waste free of charge for residents within the area. Under the Environmental Protection Act (1990), county councils are permitted to charge non-residents a fee to dispose of their waste in their area. The charge will not apply to Hampshire residents.

A major consultation was held in 2016 which explored HWRC users’ views on a number of options for maintaining the HWRC service in light of the ongoing financial pressures faced by councils. Over 13,000 responses were received. The results of one question asked indicated that there were slightly more users who would be prepared to pay a small access fee, compared with those who wouldn’t, particularly if it ensured that the site remained accessible to them.
Cost and how to pay

It will cost non-Hampshire residents £5 each visit to dispose of waste at a Hampshire HWRC. The charge may be paid by card only. A receipt is available on request.

The charge covers the cost of providing the service and the cost of disposal. This will contribute to the amount it costs to dispose of the waste brought to HWRCs by non-Hampshire residents.

Permits for vans and large trailers

Only Hampshire residents (including Portsmouth and Southampton) can apply for a permit to visit the HWRCs in a commercial-type vehicle (e.g. van or pick up) or with a large trailer.

If you live outside of Hampshire and need to visit a HWRC using a commercial-type vehicle, you will need to contact the authority to which you pay your council tax and use a facility within that area.

Using Hampshire HWRCs on behalf of a Hampshire resident

If you don't live in Hampshire, you can continue to bring waste to our HWRCs on behalf of a friend or relative who does live in Hampshire if the vehicle you use is registered to their address.

The ANPR system is a local database which is independent to the DVLA. Checks will be made against the addresses that are used to register with the system rather than the address to which the vehicle is registered.

Newtown Road HWRC

Since the reopening in May 2020 following a period of closure due to lockdown, demand for usage of Hampshire's HWRCs has been consistently high. Unavoidable restrictions due to social distancing guidelines have reduced capacity at all sites, and a relaxation of these measures is not anticipated in the short-term. Following a review of demand and capacity specifically in north Hampshire, the County Council has made a decision to extend the permit scheme until 31 July 2021.

Please continue to use your current permits (dated 2017). All previous terms and conditions apply. Please see the West Berkshire website for more details.