Check if your vehicle needs a permit

Check whether your vehicle requires a permit to access Hampshire's HWRCs

Any vehicle that is principally designed to carry goods, not people, will require a permit.
Trailers are not currently permitted at the following sites: Hayling Island and New Alresford

Van or light goods vehicle

The below criteria will be applied to all vehicles. If none of the following features apply to your vehicle, please review the other categories.

Commercial-type vehicles are defined as a vehicle with one or more of the following features: 

  • no rear windows
  • no rear side windows and/or panels in place of rear side windows
  • no rear seats
  • an open back or any flat back vehicle, with or without a cover
  • a back which is separate to the main cab such as a closed cab pick-up
  • any single or double cab pick-up with two or more seats

Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes are not permitted access to HWRCs.

Hired van

Householders who have hired a van for three days or fewer to dispose of their own household waste do not require a permit.

Householders should bring the van hire agreement with them and present it to site staff on arrival.

If you do not know the vehicle registration at the time of booking a slot, please enter HIRE VAN.

Vehicle with trailer

Cars towing trailers of 1.8m or less can access sites without a permit.

If you use a trailer between 1.8m and 3.0m in length you will need to apply for a permit to access HWRCs.

Trailers over 3.0m are not permitted access to HWRCs.

The measurements above apply to the actual trailer 'box' area only, and do not include the tow bar or any other attachments.

Where a commercial-type vehicle (such as a van or pick-up) is the only towing vehicle available for a trailer, then the vehicle itself is permitted to access the site without a permit provided it does not carry any waste. It is not permitted for a householder to hold permits for a commercial-type vehicle and a trailer at the same time.

Trailers are not currently permitted at the following sites: Hayling Island and New Alresford.

Campervans and converted interiors

If you use a fully fitted campervan to dispose of your household waste you will not require a permit.

You may not require a permit if you drive a van with a converted interior:

  • Hampshire County Council consider a vehicle to be converted if the interior is fitted with permanent living arrangements including a fixed bed and kitchenette
  • If the living arrangements in your vehicle are temporary and/or removable the criteria under Van, pick-up or light goods vehicle will be applied to determine if a permit is required

 Heavy goods vehicle

Any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes in weight is not permitted access to HWRCs.


Horseboxes and Horse Trailers are not permitted access to HWRCs.

Car or 4x4


All types of pick-up vehicles will require a permit. This includes single and double cab pick-ups as well as those with or without covered backs.

When the need for a permit is questioned, the decision of Hampshire County Council is final. We do not use DVLA vehicle classifications to make decisions regarding permit exemption.