How the permit scheme works

The permit scheme allows access for householders who use a commercial type vehicle to dispose of their own household waste

Permits are available for householders and enable HWRC site staff to identify and differentiate householders from tradespersons who are required to use our trade waste scheme if they wish to deposit waste.

Vehicles needing permits

Householders who wish to use a commercial type vehicle to dispose of household waste need to apply for a permit. For the purposes of trade waste controls, Hampshire County Council defines a commercial type vehicle as a vehicle with one or more of the following features: 

  • no rear windows
  • no rear side windows and/or panels in place of rear side windows
  • no rear seats
  • an open back or any flat back vehicle, with or without a cover
  • a back which is separate to the main cab such as a closed cab pick-up
  • any single or double cab pick-up with two or more seats

Commercial type vehicles which have been hired for less than three days will not require a permit. Householders who have hired a commercial type vehicle should bring their hire agreement document with them to the site and show it to a site operative.

The permit scheme also includes Blue Badge holders. See Permit administration fee FAQs for Blue Badge holders for more details.
Administration fee

A £15 administration fee applies to each permit application. It costs approximately £15 for each permit to be processed. Previously these permits were issued free of charge but due to the rising demand for services and ongoing financial pressures faced by local authorities across the county, introducing a £15 administration fee is necessary to cover the cost of issuing each permit. The decision to implement the policy change was made on 29 October 2018 by the Executive Member for Environment and Transport, see the Household Waste Recycling Centres Cross Border Charging and Permit System Update report

What the permit provides

Householders who qualify will receive one permit allowing 12 individual visits to the HWRC network within a 12 month period. Once 12 visits have been made, the site staff will retain the permit and householders can reapply for another permit at a cost of £15.

The calculation of 12 visits per year is based on the average user's frequency of visits, which equates to approx once per month. Some householders will have a need to visit more often than this (e.g. if they have a large garden), so in special circumstances additional permits may be granted.

Permits are valid at 24 Hampshire HWRC's and Southampton City Depot (Dock Gate 20). For Paulsgrove, Portsmouth, please see Portsmouth City Councils website. 

Height barriers are in place at both the Southampton HWRC. Please check in advance the height of your vehicle and the barrier opening times.

If you own the vehicle to which a permit is assigned, any member of your household or another driver you designate can use the permit to visit the site in that vehicle to dispose of household waste, but this will count as one of the 12 allocated visits on the permit.

How to use the permit

Permits are sent by 2nd class post, so please allow 5-10 working days between applying and when you require the permit. 

On arrival at an HWRC, please hand your permit to a member of site staff who will confirm that your vehicle details match those shown and mark the permit to indicate that one visit has been used.

If you visit the HWRC network more than once in one day, each visit will be counted separately and your permit marked accordingly. Please note that a permit provides permission to enter the site only and is not a permit to deposit waste which will be subject to the Waste Acceptance Policy.

Waste restrictions apply

Permits allow holders entry to the sites only.

Waste deposited must be in accordance with the Waste Acceptance Policy. HWRCs are primarily provided for household waste and recyclables. Depending on the frequency of visits and type of waste being deposited, permit holders and car users may still be asked to fill in a Disclaimer Form to confirm that the waste is from their own household. This is not intended to inconvenience site users but to improve the HWRC service for genuine householders. Using Disclaimer Forms prevents traders attempting to abuse the system by entering the sites in domestic vehicles, i.e. cars.

Householders have a duty of care to ensure that any waste created either by themselves or by paid tradespersons in their home is disposed of appropriately, safely and legally, either by themselves or by a licensed carrier of waste. To check that traders are licensed to carry waste, contact The Environment Agency.

If you change your vehicle or address
Destroy your existing permit and reapply with your new details (please note this will incur a new administration fee of £15). The permit is only valid for the vehicle that appears on it. 
If you live outside Hampshire

Permits will only be issued to Hampshire residents.