Waste permit scheme terms and conditions

For vans and trailers at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

Please read the following terms and conditions before you apply for a permit. 

  • The permit enables Hampshire residents to visit HWRCs in Hampshire in a commercial-type vehicle (e.g. a van or pick-up) or a large trailer measuring more than 1.8m in length. It is valid for one calendar year from date of issue.
  • A permit is required for any commercial vehicle meeting the criteria above, including those residents who are Blue Badge holders. Please see our Household Waste Recycling Centre pages for more details.
  • The permit allows 12 visits in the vehicle which is registered. Each visit will be marked off of your allowance. Multiple visits in one day will be counted separately and your permit marked accordingly.
  • A permit provides permission to enter the HWRC only and is not a permit to deposit waste, which will be subject to Hampshire County Council’s Waste Acceptance Policy. Depending on the frequency of visits and/or type of waste being deposited, permit holders may be asked to complete a declaration form to confirm that the waste is from a household source and is not being carried for profit.
  • A HWRC household permit is only to be used for bringing household waste to the HWRCs. They are not to be used when disposing of trade waste. Trade waste is defined as arising from any trade, business, industrial or commercial activities. A separate trade waste scheme is available for this waste. More details are available on Veolia's website.
  • A household may hold only one permit at a time. It is not permissible to apply for a permit for both a commercial-type vehicle and a large trailer.
  • Permit holders must make the permit available for staff to check and mark on arrival at the HWRC.
  • Access to HWRCs will be refused for commercial-type vehicles or trailer between 1.8m and 3.0m in length without a permit.
  • A change of vehicle (including change of vehicle registration) will require a new application and therefore a further £15 administration fee will apply.
  • All permits will be printed with the information supplied at the time of application. If incorrect information is supplied by the permit holder a new application will be required and therefore a further £15 administration fee will apply.
  • No more than two permits (enabling 24 visits) may be issued to a household within a 12-month period.
  • No refunds will be provided except in exceptional circumstances. Any requests for refunds must be made in writing. The County Council’s decision is final.
  • The email confirmation you will receive during the application process will confirm your payment is inclusive of VAT.
  • Portsmouth City Council is implementing its own policy for Portsmouth residents to access the Paulsgrove HWRC. Please check their website for more details.
  • Portsmouth or Southampton residents wishing to visit one of the 24 HWRCs provided by Hampshire County Council, will be required to hold a valid Hampshire permit. Any similar permit issued by Portsmouth City Council will not be valid at a Hampshire County Council HWRC.
  • The permit is only valid for the commercial-type vehicle or trailer described in this letter. Permits are issued per vehicle/trailer, so any member of your household or driver you designate may visit the site with this vehicle/trailer using the permit.
  • The measurements for trailers apply to the actual trailer 'box' area only, and do not include the tow bar or any other attachments.
  • Towed trailers are not permitted to enter the New Alresford HWRC at any time due to the site’s limited manoeuvring space.
  • If you change your address, please return your permit to the address overleaf for cancellation before reapplying with your new details. It is not acceptable to amend the permit yourself. Defacing or amending will invalidate the permit. If you sell the vehicle, you must not pass the permit onto the new owner.
  • Should you lose your permit at any time, please reapply here.
  • Hampshire County Council reserves the right to cancel permits or amend the operation of the HWRC household permit scheme at any time.