Waste permit scheme terms and conditions

For vans and trailers at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

Please read the following terms and conditions before you apply for a permit.

  1. An HWRC household permit allows Hampshire householders to access HWRCs in a commercial-type vehicle or with a towed trailer between 1.8m and 3.0m in length
  2. A permit provides permission to enter the HWRC only and is not a permit to deposit waste, which will be subject to Hampshire County Council’s Waste Acceptance Policy. Depending on the frequency of visits and/or type of waste being deposited, permit holders may be asked to complete a declaration form to confirm that the waste is from a household source and is not being carried for profit
  3. HWRCs are primarily provided for household waste and recyclables. Trade Waste or commercial waste is accepted at some sites, however this is a chargeable service. Trade Waste is defined as waste arising from any trade, business, industrial or commercial activities. Anyone who has received any payment for carrying waste or produces waste from their work is considered by law to be a tradesperson and would therefore be subject to a charge if they wish to deposit this waste at an HWRC
  4. A household may hold only one permit at a time. It is not permissible to apply for a permit for both a commercial-type vehicle and a large trailer
  5. Permit holders must make the permit available for staff to check and mark on arrival at the HWRC
  6. If you visit the HWRC network more than once in one day, each visit will be counted separately and your permit will be marked accordingly
  7. Access to HWRCs will be refused for commercial-type vehicles or trailers between 1.8m and 3.0m in length without a permit
  8. The permit is only valid for the commercial-type vehicle or trailer described in this letter. Permits are issued per vehicle/trailer, so any member of your household or driver you designate may visit the site with this vehicle/trailer using the permit
  9. Permits are valid at all HWRCs in Hampshire, including those operated by Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council
  10. Towed trailers are not permitted to enter the Alresford HWRC at any time due to the site’s limited manoeuvring space
  11. The HWRC household permit is valid for three years from the date of issue, so if after one year you have used fewer than 12 visits, your permit will still be valid and you will not need to reapply until all 12 visits have been used
  12. Householders who use all 12 visits in less than a calendar year will be able to reapply for a renewal in appropriate circumstances
  13. If you change your address or vehicle please destroy your permit before reapplying with your new details. It is not acceptable to amend the permit yourself. Defacing or amending will invalidate the permit. If you sell/return your vehicle, you must not pass on the permit to the new owner
  14. Should you lose or damage your permit at any time, please reapply online
  15. Hampshire County Council reserves the right to cancel permits or amend the operation of the HWRC household permit scheme at any time