Christmas Savings

Nobody wants to have a 'rubbish' Christmas! 

The Smart Living team are partnering up with the Rubbish Monster Thing and his friend Elsie to help reduce all that added waste this festive season.

At Christmas the average family food and drink bill is £216. But one-third of us admit to throwing away more uneaten food during the festive period than at any other time of year. 
Preventing waste from occurring in the first place saves money and helps the environment, all without cutting back on the festive fun

Check out our 12 tips of Christmas food savings and zero-waste gift ideas for some  inspiration!

Help reduce the Rubbish Monster Thing's waste-line

The Rubbish Monster Thing is the main character in a new book, written and illustrated by Simon Chadwick, available on loan from Hampshire libraries.  Follow their new journey together this Christmas as Elsie helps prevent the Rubbish Monster Thing from becoming tangled up in all that Christmas waste.

What pledge will you make this Christmas to reduce waste?

Share your ideas and drawings of yourself or the Rubbish Monster Thing to help make a difference this year.


Composting at Christmas

Purchase a great priced compost bin and feed it your vegetable peelings from your Christmas dinner.

You can even chop your real Christmas tree into small pieces and put that into your compost bin along with paper chains and cardboard cracker inners! The Smart Living website is crammed with hints and tips on how to compost at home.

If you can't compost all of your Christmas tree, find out what days your local council are arranging recycling collections.