Christmas Savings

Christmas is a time of indulgence, with many of us splashing out on special food in the run-up. But a fifth of all the food we buy ends up in the bin!

Whatever your plans, get ready for the festive season and save money with our guide.

Hosting Christmas dinner

Cartoon sprouts carrying a present

  • Use up what’s in your freezer in the lead-up to Christmas. Not only will you save a bit of money on food shopping, you’ll make space for festive leftovers and avoid buying anything you already have in stock.

  • On the big day, let people help themselves from serving bowls – they are more likely to only take what they want and any leftovers won’t be covered in gravy.

  • Ask your guests to bring a reusable container with them, so they can take leftovers home to enjoy!


What to do if you're away from home for Christmas

  • Move fruit from the fruit bowl into the fridge. Pop anything close to its ‘use by’ date in the freezer for when you get back.

  • Plan a few store cupboard recipes (e.g. pasta bake) for that awkward gap between Christmas and New Year. That way if your plans change, you won’t be wasting fresh food.

  • See if there is a local community fridge or ‘casserole club’ in your area that could make use of any fresh food you’re not going to eat over the festive period.


Eyes bigger than your belly

  • Over-estimated how much chutney you’d eat over Christmas? Use it up a spoonful at a time in stews and casseroles.

  • Keep the giving going this Christmas and see if your local food bank or homeless shelter could make use of anything you’ve bought too much of. 

Leek and cheese

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