Thoughtful festivities

Deck the halls with next to no waste

  • Guests coming over? Find out if there is a party kit you can rent from nearby to cover those extra plates. Or ask your family/friends to bring a couple of their own! Paper plates are not recyclable, especially if they have bits of food or grease on them, so going for reusable plates and cutlery is ideal.
  • Real tree or fake tree? If you’re going to use your fake tree for years and years, this can be the most sustainable option. Alternatively, make a Christmas tree out of unused wooden pallets. Many shops now also sell real potted Christmas trees which you can use each year.


What to wear this party season

  • Throw your own clothes swap with family/friends/colleagues. Simply pick a place, what clothes you want to swap and spread the word! It’s free, easy and you can still feel great wearing a new outfit for the upcoming Christmas party.
  • Buying second-hand Christmas party outfits from charity shops can be so much better than new. As well as being a bargain and potentially higher quality, you’re extending the lifespan of clothing and promoting sustainability.


Pine cone


Christmas cracker




Christmas jumper with reindeer on it