Council tax comparison

County Council taxes 2024/25

In 2024/25 the council tax rate of Hampshire County Council is one of the lowest of any county council in England.

County Council Band D Council Tax Fire SE
Essex £1522.53    
Hampshire £1533.24   Yes
Worcestershire £1538.92    
Staffordshire £1544.64    
Derbyshire £1551.73    
Suffolk £1571.04 Fire  
Lincolnshire £1578.69 Fire  
Gloucestershire £1599.82 Fire  
Leicestershire £1601.58    
Kent £1610.82   Yes
Cambridgeshire £1619.82    
Lancashire £1653.29    
Norfolk £1672.11 Fire  
Hertfordshire £1685.75 Fire  
West Sussex £1714.95 Fire Yes
Devon £1715.67    
Warwickshire £1736.19 Fire  
Surrey £1758.60 Fire Yes
East Sussex £1778.31   Yes
Nottinghamshire £1807.08    
Oxfordshire £1820.56 Fire Yes


Fire = These county councils also provide fire services, so are not directly comparable with counties which have a separate fire authority.

SE = County in the South East