Adult social care precept 2017/18

Adult social care is one of the main services provided by Hampshire County Council. Councils across the country are facing substantial cost pressures in providing adult social care services. This is due to:

  • increasing numbers of people with complex needs requiring care
  • the rising cost of providing care
  • cuts to Government grants which were used to fund social care

To help fund these pressures, the Government expects councils responsible for providing social care services to have an adult social care precept (precept is a technical term for council tax).

Adults' social care and health budget

Our overall adults’ social care and health budget for 2017/18 is £452 million.

The precept will raise about £27 million towards this in 2017/18. Many other sources of funding are also used to help fund adult social care. These include ordinary council tax, government grants and service charges.

Key information

The precept is part of council tax rather than a service charge, so is not linked to whether or not you receive social care services.

If you pay for care services you receive, the precept does not replace these charges

The precept is included in your council tax bill so is collected as part of your usual council tax payments.

Adult social care precept amount for each property band

Council Tax Bills

Hampshire County Council’s council tax is split into two separate lines on council tax bills. The “adult social care precept” line shows the amounts of the council tax increases from 2016/17 and 2017/18 which are being used to help fund adult social care pressures.

This presentation on council tax bills, including how the percentage increases are shown, is required by Government legislation and is being used throughout the country.

Hampshire County Council’s total council tax this year has increased by 4.99%. This includes a 3% increase to help fund adult social care funding pressures.

The council tax increase is calculated using Hampshire County Council’s total 2016/17 council tax. In 2016/17 this was £1,079.28 for a band D property.

In 2017/18 this is now £1,133.10 for a Band D property, which is a 4.99% total increase.

The worked example below sets out the calculation in detail. The amounts used in the example are for a Band D property.

Hampshire County Council’s total 2016/17 council tax = £1,079.28
- This consists of main council tax of £1,058.53 and an adult social care precept of £20.75
Plus: Adult social care precept increase = £32.37 (£1,079.28 X 3% = £32.37)
Plus: Main council tax increase = £21.45 (£1,079.28 X 1.99% = £21.45)
Equals: Hampshire County Council’s total 2017/18 council tax = £1,133.10 (total increase of 4.99% compared to 2016/17)
- This consists of main council tax of £1,079.98 and a cumulative adult social care precept of £53.12

It would be preferable to just show one total amount on bills for Hampshire County Council, especially as a large amount of ordinary council tax revenues are also used to fund social care, but unfortunately we are not permitted to do this.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), which issued the legislation, has published some questions and answers about how the adult social care precept is shown on council tax bills. DCLG information

Using funds from the precept and budget

Hampshire County Council has sent a letter and accompanying table to the Government, certifying how the funds raised from the adult social care precept will be used to help fund adult social care services. The same documents also provide details about how the additional funding for adult social care announced in the Spring 2017 Budget will be used. Letter. Table.