Hampshire County Council Future Services Consultation

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From 8 January to 31 March 2024, Hampshire County Council asked for people’s views on the future of some local services in a public consultation on options to help the Authority meet a £132 million budget shortfall by April 2025.

Road workers, libraries, waste and recycling centres, school crossing patrols


Following the announcement that a General Election will be held on 4 July 2024, recommendations by County Council Select Committees in relation to proposals from the findings of the Future Services Consultation are now postponed until September, with final decisions now due to be taken by the County Council’s Cabinet in October 2024.

This decision follows careful consideration of the circumstances and restrictions on publicity and communications activity in relation to decision-making that local councils must adhere to in the lead up to an election. It allows for County Councillors to fully participate in the decision-making process and reflects the County Council’s established practice of ensuring that significant decisions are generally rescheduled to after an election. Further detail of the new meetings will be provided just as soon as they are available.

The consultation featured 13 service change proposals. Together these could contribute around £17.5 million towards the overall required savings while ensuring that the Local Authority continues to meet the statutory duties it is required by law to carry out. Respondents could share their views on some, or all of them, as they preferred.

You can read more about each proposal:

Consultation analysis

The consultation received almost 14,000 responses via the consultation response form, and over 400 emails and letters.

Of the responses submitted 13,952 were from individuals, 86 were from democratically Elected Representatives, and 275 from groups, organisations or businesses. The remaining respondents did not provide this information.

Insight Summaries

Written narratives of the key consultation findings for each proposal. They incorporate responses received via the response form, letters, emails and at the Hampshire Youth Forum workshop. Read these to help understand the overall view towards the proposal and its impacts, the drivers of agreement and disagreement, and what people feel we should be doing differently in each area.

Browse the Insight Summary documents

Data report

Visual high-level view of data submitted via the consultation response form in charts and tables, incorporating the closed tick box questions, the high level (macro) themes arising from the comments and data on who responded. The data is shown for each proposal at both an overall level and organised by key demographic groups.

View the Data Report

Data tables

An Excel file containing all the response form data in table format. Tables drill down to even more detail than the data report for both quantified comments (including sub-categories (micros)) and demographic comparisons. Counts (actuals) and percentages are provided.

View the Data Tables

Unstructured responses

Detail of the key themes arising from responses submitted via email or letter, and the views of the Hampshire Youth Forum gathered via a workshop held to gather feedback from local young people aged 11 to 18.

View the Unstructured Responses document (Microsoft PowerPoint file)

Decision process

The consultation findings will be carefully considered alongside other relevant factors, including operational, financial, policy and legal considerations, as plans are drawn up for future service delivery.

County Councillor task-and-finish groups will review the consultation documents and process, receive the high-level findings from the consultation and report to the County Council’s cross-party select committees in September. Select committees will then review the consultation results and make recommendations to the Local Authority’s Cabinet as a whole, who will take a collective final decision in October.