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Hampshire Perspectives is a group of people in Hampshire who take five to ten minutes each month to share their views with the County Council.

Their perspectives help us shape services and make decisions that are right for local people and communities.

If you like taking part in online surveys and want to join them, then please sign up.

Occasionally, you will also get the chance to take part in other research such as focus groups, or formal consultations about changes to services in Hampshire.

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Terms and conditions

To sign up to the forum, you must live in Hampshire and be aged over 18. We send out invitations by email roughly once a month, all participation is optional.

Completed projects

Project 27 - Climate change website review

Project 26 - Tracking Travel (Wave 3)

Project 25 - Emotional support for bereavement

Project 24 - Operationalising a zero tolerance approach for discrimination at work

Project 23 - Hampshire countryside behaviour and attitudes

Project 22: Priorities for bus stop features