Petition - Restore the 10:18 from Broadway Park to Town Centre

Response from Hampshire County Council, August 2023

Thank you for your petition dated 14 July.

Changes to this route were made as part of our Savings Plan to 2023 in which savings were made to meet the £80m budget shortfall the County Council had. This saw the withdrawal of that mid-morning journey into Petersfield.

I have reviewed the timetable and whilst it is not possible to reinstate the journey within the petition, it may be possible to make some small changes in the service in the afternoon which would provide an additional return for residents of Broadway Park so that they do not have so long in town.

I have asked officers to explore this option with AMK, who run the bus service, and they will write to you in due course with the outcome.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Nick Adams-King
Executive Lead Member for Universal Services