Petition - To have improvements made to poorly maintained pavement and road surfaces in Colebrook Street, Winchester

Response from Hampshire County Council, January 2019

Thank you for your petition submitted on the 8 January 2019 regarding improvements to be made to poorly maintained pavement and road surfaces in Colebrook Street, Winchester, Hampshire.

Our highways team have recently undertaken an inspection of Colebrook Street and have ordered repairs to a number of areas, in order to keep the surface safe. We can advise that a section of Colebrook Street from the junction of Bridge Street has also been submitted for resurfacing in the 2019/20 programme of works.

A number of the issues raised in this petition relate to improvements to the pedestrian environment. The County Council, in partnership with Winchester City Council, is developing a movement strategy for the city which will be published later this year. This is intended to substantially reduce traffic in the city centre and will include consideration of wide-ranging improvements to the public realm. Where specific improvements are sought, these will need to be considered in light of the overall strategy, which will not be possible until the current process has concluded.

We have arranged for our traffic management team to carry out an inspection of the speed limit signs and make any appropriate adjustments as required.

There are currently four street lights installed on the section of highway between High Street and Colebrook Place.  Restrictions in building height, width of available footway and presence of Listed Buildings, severely restricts the installation of additional lighting in this area.

Previous proposals to provide additional lighting in this area, and other sections of Colebrook Street, have either met with insurmountable technical difficulties or opposition from building owners.  For that reason, there are, currently, no proposals to revisit this particular issue.

I trust this answers your concerns.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Rob Humby
Executive Member for Environment and Transport