Petition - To solve the problems of excessive noise environmental pollution and vibration in the vicinity of College Street Petersfield

Response from Hampshire County Council, September 2019

I refer to your petition dated 1 August 2019.

Currently, the County Council’s Traffic Management (TM) team has no proposals for TM measures (such as lower speed limits/speed limit signing, lorry-related controls and pedestrian facilities) in the College Street area. As part of a reduction in the County Council’s TM service, priority for such measures is primarily being given to those sites where there are proven injury accident problems in terms of numbers of accidents, accident severity, common contributory factors and identifiable patterns. Having checked the five-year injury accident record for the area, there are no such problems on this occasion and I am therefore unable to recommend any further action at the present time. For your advice and assistance, you will find below a link to the County Council’s Making Roads Safer webpage which gives more details of the way forward for this service:

As per the above link, the County Council’s 2016 Traffic Management policy scales back generally on the delivery of TM measures that do not clearly demonstrate a casualty reduction benefit. In particular, the County Council is scaling back work on larger scale TM measures (such as lower speed limits, physical traffic calming and heavy goods vehicle controls) unless required to support casualty reduction.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Rob Humby
Deputy Leader
Executive Member for Environment and Transport