Petition - Trees in Dore Avenue

Response from Hampshire County Council, September 2021

Thank you for your petition. In response, I can confirm that only approximately five trees (adjacent 190-202 Dore Avenue) within the verge (between the carriageway and the footway) actually form part of the publicly maintainable highway.

We don’t fell or heavily prune publicly maintainable highway trees for nuisances like blocking of light, seeds, bird poo etc. However, we will inspect these five trees to determine what tree works might be required for highway safety and we will bring the concerns about disruption of the footway to the attention of the local highway office (this sort of problem can normally be resolved by ‘repatching’, if necessary).

The remainder of the trees (adjacent the signatories’ properties) do not form part of the publicly maintainable highway, so it would appear that the majority of the concerns do not relate to trees under our ownership/control. We therefore recommend that you redirect your concerns to the landowner (a Land Registry search may provide some clues into the ownership of this land, if not already known).

Please be aware that these trees may also be subject to Tree Preservation Orders, in which case, we also recommend that you contact Fareham Borough Council as part of your investigations into the ownership and management options for these trees.

Kind regards

Cllr Russell Oppenheimer
Executive Member for Highways Operations