Petition - To improve parking and slow down traffic Grainger Street Berewood Waterlooville

Response from Hampshire County Council, May 2021

Thank you for presenting your petition in which you set out your objections to the proposed double yellow lining at the Berewood site.  This proposal has come from Grainger as the developer, and Grainger Street is currently a private street and not part of the publicly maintainable adopted highway.  As such these are currently matters that are within the responsibility of Grainger to manage.  However, the formal legal process for Grainger Street to become adopted highway is underway and therefore the following observations are provided by the County Council as the local highway authority in response to the points raised in your petition and covering letter. 

The extent of proposed double yellow lining is being formalised by Grainger with Winchester City Council who will be responsible for implementing the appropriate Traffic Regulation Orders and also for subsequent enforcement.  As Grainger Street is a bus route as well as one of the arterial routes through the development it is important that the street can function according to its design.  It should also be noted that through the planning process, levels of off street resident and visitor parking has been agreed and provided for the site.  In addition to the double yellow lining scheme, the developer is proposing to install visitors bays as part of the exercise.

It is understood that some advisory road markings are already in place to deter on street parking in the form of ‘H-bar’ white lining and the proposal by Grainger to install double yellow lining is to formalise the restriction on parking here and to enable Winchester City Council to enforce once the appropriate Traffic Regulation Orders are in place.

The design speed of both Houghton Avenue and Grainger Street is 30mph and the developer have placed a 20mph speed limit on the site which will revert to a 30mph speed limit upon adoption in accordance with the County Council’s Traffic Management policies for setting speed limits.  Any reduction in speed limit subsequent to this will need the support of the police and based on the safety record and recorded speeds, but HCC are most unlikely to consider a 20mph limit based on current policy.  There are no proposals to install measures to manage speeds on either route, however this will be reviewed as part of the adoption process.

I trust that explains the role and position of the County Council in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Rob Humby
Deputy Leader
Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment