Petition - Closure of Haven House at Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve: Save Our Haven Centre Petition

Response from Hampshire County Council, December 2022

Thank you for your Petition received on 24 November 2022 concerning the closure of Haven House at Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve.

As you will know, I have now made a final decision regarding the proposals but throughout this process I have recognised that Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve is highly valued by the local community and visitors. This was reflected by the number of signatures on the Petition and the volume of responses to the public survey that we received in relation to the County Council’s proposals. In making my decision, I took account of the Petition and listened carefully to community representations in person and in writing. I also read the results of the public survey in detail.

At my Decision Day last week, I reiterated that we are committed to working with local people and any other organisations to find a positive way forward that will balance the County Council’s need to stem financial losses at the site against the desire of local people to retain the use of Haven House. I have approved a plan that I hope will offer an incentive for a third party to bring forward a viable and fully costed bid in the coming months.

Following the recent designation of Haven House as an Asset of Community Value, the County Council has now formally advised Fareham Borough Council of its intention to sell the building. From this point, any third-party organisation or community group is entitled to register their interest to purchase within six weeks. If / when an interest is registered, this creates a six-month moratorium on the sale of the building to allow time for a proposal to be submitted and considered by the County Council.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer
Executive Lead Member for Countryside, Culture and Communities