Petition - Parking restrictions – Junction Road, Totton

Response from Hampshire County Council, October 2021

Thank you for your petition regarding residential parking issues on Junction Road in Totton.

The County Council's responsibility is to manage on-street parking to ensure the safe management of the highway and to maintain accessibility. Currently, we are focussing our efforts for new and changing parking restrictions at locations where there is an injury accident record, or our professional judgement suggests there is a safety concern which should be prioritised. A new residential permit scheme for Junction Road residents does not fall into that category and will therefore not be prioritised compared to other schemes on our safety programmes that are directly related to casualty reduction.

The existing restrictions on Junction Road deter parking to allow HGV access to the superstore, to relieve congestion on the main town centre road and level crossing. Where there is a need for access for many road users, on-street parking will always be difficult for residents who wish to park near their homes. In these locations limited car parking is available off road, in public car parks and some residents choose alternative means of transport.

Please note, there is very limited scope for accommodating on-street parking during the day on Junction Road for the reasons above. As you are obviously aware Junction Road residents can park on-street overnight and on Sundays where there is a single yellow line and when fewer vehicles need to use the road. Due to the circumstances described and with the access requirements for the superstore, we are unable to look at introducing a Residents Parking Permit scheme in this location.

Hampshire County Council manages the on-street parking in Totton and the public car parks are the responsibility of the district council.  Any funding received as part of the new development will have clauses regarding what it can be spend upon.  There is no guarantee this could be used for implementing parking changes even if we did consider the changes to be appropriate.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Russell Oppenheimer
Executive Member for Highways Operations