Petition - Lower Ashley Road, New Milton

Response from Hampshire County Council, June 2018

Thank you for your enquiry concerning the state of Lower Ashley Road.  We have been monitoring the condition of the road through our regular inspections and automated surveys. These had both recorded that the road was at an age and condition where it would need a more substantial treatment than the minor repairs carried out in recent years. Whilst with current funding pressures and in the interest of sustainability the road does not justify a full resurfacing, it was proposed to surface dress the road this financial year.

This programme of surface dressing is currently due to be carried out towards the end of July (subject to delays due to weather) and will cover the full length of Lower Ashley road.  The process will involve repairing minor defects in the surface and then treating the whole road with a thin new surface. This will seal the old road surface preventing damaging water penetration, improve the skid resistance of the road and prevent further deterioration.

Hopefully you will be pleased to hear this news and will see signs erected warning of the impending works shortly.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Rob Humby
Executive Member for Environment and Transport