Petition - Resurfacing of road in Royale Close, Aldershot

Response from Hampshire County Council, September 2019

I refer to your petition dated 8 August 2019.

Annual scheme selection is driven by the Highways Asset Management Team. The team are responsible for ensuring various condition surveys are undertaken across the highway network each year to comply with requirements set by the Department for Transport. The data collected from these surveys is used to inform our needs-based budgeting approach, which allocates funding by road class and treatment type across the network using an in-house lifecycle planning model.

At a scheme level, the condition data is used in conjunction with various other types of information, such as reactive maintenance and public enquiries, to assess, identify and provide an initial prioritisation of works across the network.  The identified sites are packaged into a 3-year indicative works programme split by generic treatment type (such as surface dressing and resurfacing) and passed to the Planned Maintenance Team for on-site validation.  The sites are inspected by engineers and if the site is considered valid it will be assigned a final priority (based on level and severity of defects and road usage etc.) and placed into the appropriate programme of works.

Royale Close has been inspected and has been approved for surface dressing next financial year.  This will involve machine patching a short length of road at the entrance to the close followed by surface dressing the whole length of the road.  In the meantime, works have been ordered to address the existing defects that are present in Royale Close, to ensure the road remains safe until the more comprehensive package of planned works can be carried out next year.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Rob Humby
Deputy Leader
Executive Member for Environment and Transport