Petition - Safer Roads in Winklebury

Response from Hampshire County Council, May 2022

The County Council introduced a pilot programme of lower level 20mph speed limits across a mix of urban, residential and rural village centre environments in the County several years ago.

These schemes have been subject to a comprehensive review, with the comparison of before and after vehicle speed data demonstrating that reducing the speed limits in these areas had very little impact on driver behaviour. Speed reductions at that time were found to be very marginal and in some instances speeds were shown to have increased slightly.

The outcome of this study was twofold as follows:

  • No further schemes would be implemented, but the existing schemes would be retained
  • Consideration will be given to introducing 20mph speed limits in locations where injury accidents that are attributable to speed are identified, with such proposals assessed in accordance with the current casualty reduction led policy and DfT guidance on setting speed limits

However, the Economy, Transport and Environment Select Committee has agreed to form a working party to support the review that the Executive Lead Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council has commissioned into the current policy for 20 mph speed restrictions in Hampshire.

This review has been commissioned to determine whether there is merit in extending the scope for these measures, particularly to support changing travel patterns and improvements to air quality. The working party will consider the evidence and are expected to report back to the Select Committee in autumn.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer
Executive Member for Highways Operations