Petition - Speed restriction in Oak Road, Dibden Purlieu

Response from Hampshire County Council, May 2023

I refer to your petition for a 20 mph speed limit along Oak Road Dibden Purlieu from the residents and frequent users of Oak Road, Talbot Road and Oak Close. I appreciate the concerns raised regarding road safety and traffic speeds.

Our Traffic and Road Safety resources are targeted at casualty reduction with priority given to locations with patterns or clusters of treatable injury accidents. We have access to the Police database of all injury accidents reported in Hampshire and this is used to formulate our traffic and safety scheme programmes. With no recurring history of casualty incidents throughout Oak Road, Talbot Road and Oak Close, which is very difficult to improve upon, there is currently no justification for these roads to be considered within our scheme programmes compared to other less fortunate locations.

Nevertheless, a review of the County Council’s 20 mph speed limit policy is currently underway. A 20 mph Task and Finish Working Group have recently completed its review of information and evidence in supporting and feeding into the wider review of the 20 mph Policy. The 20 mph Task & Finish Working Group reported their findings and recommendations to the Universal Services Transport and Environment Select Committee on 23 January 2023 which in turn will lead to a report later this year.

The report 20 mph Task and Finish Working Group to the Universal Services Transport and Environment Select Committee (item 8) and findings from the consultation are available in the link below.

At this stage, no new 20 mph speed limits are proposed until the outcomes of the review are known and any policy changes approved. We have received significant volumes of requests for 20 mph speed limits from areas across Hampshire and we are keeping a log of such requests and your request will added to the list.

I hope this information is helpful to you and fellow residents and regular users of these roads.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Adams-King
Lead Executive Member for Universal Services