Petition - Ruby’s Petition for a crossing on Warsash Road for Hook with Warsash Pupils

Response from Hampshire County Council, June 2019

Thank you for forwarding Ruby Lloyd’s petition requesting the introduction of a pedestrian crossing on Warsash Road, Warsash. I would agree with you that it is encouraging to see young people taking the initiative and engaging with local democracy to raise issues that matter to them such as road safety and sustainable transport. I note also that Hook-With-Warsash C of E Academy identified the need for improved crossing facilities here in their Living Streets School Route Audit report from October 2018.

The County Council has an established policy utilising a standard method of assessing crossing requests to ensure they are considered in a consistent manner and that crossings are installed where they will provide the most benefit and will operate safely.

An initial assessment is undertaken to identify whether a crossing could physically be constructed and then if it can, to assess whether the likely usage and degree of difficulty currently experienced crossing the road justifies a costly full assessment. The initial assessment indicated that a crossing, such as a Zebra, Puffin or pedestrian refuge island, could not be constructed on the section of Warsash Road between the Silver Fern PH and Church Road due to the number and close proximity of private accesses, the junction of Osborne Road and the limited road width available. We also look at the road safety record for the area in question. The latest safety record indicates that there have been no pedestrian personal injury accidents on this section over the past five years. Furthermore, outside of school times it’s highly likely that this location would not meet the minimum threshold, that looks at the volume of traffic and pedestrians over the four busiest hours throughout the day, to justify the introduction of a formal crossing.  

A school crossing patrol is usually the best way of helping school children on their journeys to and from school and we ask schools to complete an application form to request new sites. Should the school wish to explore this option further, the form is available by contacting [email protected]

Yours sincerely

Councillor Rob Humby
Deputy Leader
Executive Member for Environment and Transport