Corporate strategy

Hampshire County Council provides a wide range of services which make a difference to residents’ lives on a daily basis

Our long-term objectives for Hampshire are:

  • Hampshire safer and more secure for all – this is about developing and supporting stronger, safer communities for all by protecting vulnerable people, maximising safety in the places we live, helping young people to live positive lives and helping diverse communities to feel secure
  • Maximising wellbeing – this is about maintaining and improving residents’ health and quality of life and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to support themselves, be active in their community and have access to the services they need, whilst knowing that should things go wrong, we are there to support them
  • Enhancing our quality of place – this is all about making the county a good place to be by protecting local distinctiveness and diversity, ensuring excellent facilities, respecting Hampshire’s heritage and planning proactively for the future

Our strategic plan for 2013-17

Our strategic plan, 'Shaping Hampshire: modern, public services for the future', sets out how the County Council will deliver the overarching ambition as agreed by councillors in the medium-term. It focuses on how we will reshape services and become more efficient.

There are four key themes:

  • health and wellbeing
  • economy
  • communities
  • efficiency


Health and wellbeing

To improve health and wellbeing for all.

We want to:

  • ensure children and young people in Hampshire thrive and achieve their full potential
  • promote and support healthy choices for all, reducing the difference between those with the best and worst health
  • help people to manage their health conditions, giving them choice and maintaining their independence

To promote economic prosperity and protect the environment.

We want to:

  • develop the infrastructure and services required for economic, transport and housing growth; and promote a globally competitive environment for investment in the county
  • provide opportunities for all to develop the skills needed to play a full part in Hampshire's economic success
  • conserve and use natural resources more efficiently, protecting Hampshire's environment and quality of life

To work with communities to enhance local services.

We want to:

  • ensure that community and customer feedback, together with information about levels of need are used to plan and deliver services
  • work with communities to find the local solutions that work best, giving more control over local services to communities where appropriate
  • improve access to all County Council services
  • continue to provide high quality open spaces, libraries, museums and arts services
  • help residents to feel safe and be safe by working with partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour

To deliver high quality, cost-effective public services.

We want to:

  • redesign and implement new models of service delivery, ensuring that resources are targeted to where they are needed most
  • generate more income from selling and sharing services with other public sector organisations, becoming more business-like in the process
  • equip the Council's staff with the right skills to manage change and deliver priorities

Download Shaping Hampshire: modern, public services for the future