Serving Hampshire’s Residents - Strategic Plan 2021 to 2025

Hampshire County Council is the third largest shire council in the country, delivering the majority of Hampshire’s public services, to almost 1.4 million residents (excluding people living in the Southampton and Portsmouth unitary council areas). We are responsible for around 80% of all spend on council services in Hampshire, amounting to £2.1 billion a year.

Along with many other public sector organisations, local government has faced significant financial pressures over the past decade. Over half a billion pounds has been removed from the County Council’s budget since 2008, due to ongoing reductions in central government funding, increasing costs and a steadily rising demand for our vital services such as social care for vulnerable children and adults. This reduction in our budget has been achieved whilst also sustaining some of the highest performing public services in the country - the result of sound financial stewardship alongside an ongoing focus on delivering good public services to Hampshire residents.

We know that the next four years, covered by this Strategic Plan, will be even more financially challenging – not least because of the direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on public finances. During this crisis period, significant additional costs were incurred, including the extra resource required for ensuring that the most vulnerable people in Hampshire were supported.

None of us have been left unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic which represents a defining period of our history. Our priority will remain to keep Hampshire residents safe and do all we can to help our communities and the local economy to ‘build back better’. The four outcomes below reflect these challenges and form the County Council’s Strategic Plan. The Plan will guide all of our work for the next four years.

Our four strategic aims

We will keep our residents at the heart of everything we do

This means we will:

  • be accountable and transparent in all we do
  • use taxpayers' money wisely
  • work closely with our partners
  • engage, inform and involve residents
  • develop accessible and efficient online services
  • exploit digital innovation to deliver effective and efficient services
  • enable people to do more for themselves
  • respond flexibly to people's needs
  • value people's differences
  • treat people fairly
  • keep improving

Key facts and challenges

We have significantly improved outcomes for people in Hampshire and remain a high performing local authority.

Every year in Hampshire we look after:

  • 5,500m
  • of roads and 2,900m of paths
  • 1,750
  • road bridges
  • 155,000
  • street lights
  • Every year we serve a population of
  • 1.42 million people
  • expected to grow to 1.5 million by 2027 - an increase of 5.6%
  • The number of over 65s will increase to
  • 359,000 in 2027
  • up from 317,400 in 2021