Serving Hampshire - Strategic Plan 2021 to 2025

Updated in 2023 at the mid-term review

Hampshire is a great place in which to live, learn, work, visit and play and Hampshire County Council is committed to ensuring Hampshire stays like this - now and into the future.

We are one of the largest local authorities in the country, and deliver the majority of Hampshire’s public services, to 1.42 million residents. We are responsible for around 80% of all spend on council services in the county, amounting to £2.6 billion a year.

With this key role in Hampshire, we are well placed to help maintain and boost our county’s economic prosperity, by championing Hampshire’s businesses, encouraging economic growth and helping to ensure we have an excellent education and skills offer.

By bringing new investment and new opportunities into Hampshire, we can work to bring far-reaching benefits for residents, communities, and businesses, and improve people’s lives for years to come.

By building resilient communities, we can also ensure our social care services are targeted where they are needed most and contribute to creating a good quality of life.

The importance of our unique natural and built environment in Hampshire, with its two national parks, historic cities and 290 miles of coastline, is also at the heart of our strategic priorities.

With local government finances remaining under huge pressure now and into the future, alongside growing demand for core local services like social care for vulnerable children and adults, our Strategic Plan sets out a set of key aims which will enable the County Council to target its resources to continue to support the most vulnerable residents in Hampshire, whilst building healthy, resilient and prosperous communities for years to come.

Strategic Plan 2021-2025: Mid-term review 2023

Our four strategic outcomes

Vision and values

The following vision and values guide everything we do:

Our Vision

Serving the people of Hampshire with purpose and pride to improve lives today and for tomorrow.

Working as one organisation

Logo image of two red people shaking hands in a circle

Our values

We collaborate with each other and our partners for the good of our service users. Support each other to recover quickly from setbacks and take responsibility in managing our personal and organisational wellbeing. We work together to ensure we are a healthy and resilient organisation.

Our behaviours

  • I promote a one organisational culture internally and externally
  • I seek others from across the organisation to understand and take on board their opinions and ideas
  • I have courageous conversations and challenge the status quo in the interest of the organisation
  • I take responsibility for my wellbeing and personal resilience

Integrity and respect

Logo image of two interlocking orange hands in a circle

Our values

We value and encourage every individual for their unique strengths, and demonstrate our confidence in each other through our language and behaviour. We are fair, honest and reliable in everything we say and do.

Our behaviours

  • I am transparent in my working with others
  • I do what I say I am going to do
  • I seek, listen and value diverse opinions of others
  • I enable others with diverse strengths and backgrounds to be successful


Logo image of a yellow briefcase in a circle

Our values

We work hard to deliver the best services that we can and we hold ourselves accountable for our performance. We take pride in what we deliver and enable.

Our behaviours

  • I proactively safeguard our people and organisation
  • I strive for excellence, quality and success
  • I take responsibility for my work and actions
  • I positively encourage growth and development in myself and others

Making a difference

Logo image of two green hands holding a heart shape in a circle

Our values

Our work puts people at the forefront of what we do and helps communities across the county to thrive. We care.

Our behaviours

  • I get to know our customer and their needs and am motivated to deliver excellence
  • I take time to consider the impact I have on Hampshire residents
  • I identify risks and consider options to act in the interest of public value

Continuous improvement

Logo image of two blue cogs in a circle

Our values

We are ambitious. We challenge ourselves to innovate, be creative and work to create a sustainable, future proof Hampshire.

Our behaviours

  • I continually identify opportunities for future improvement
  • I am curious to seek creative and sustainable solutions that align to the organisational aims
  • I share ideas and experiences with others
  • I review and evaluate the impact of my work to ensure I have delivered quality outcomes

Our work in numbers

Each year we:

  • Support around 10,000 children in need of vital social care
  • Provide 360,000 meals-on-wheels lunches
  • Educate over 138,000 pupils in Hampshire’s 463 maintained schools
  • Maintain 5,500 miles of roads and 1,750 bridges and structures
  • Provide long term care and support to over 18,400 adults, 66% of whom are older people
  • Manage 3,600 hectares of land for wildlife, heritage and public access
  • Protect Hampshire consumers through the work of Trading Standards and prevent £1m of unregulated and unsafe goods entering the county
  • Manage over 600,000 tonnes of household waste and recyclable material – diverting around 95% of this from landfill
  • Support 3,000 victims of domestic abuse
  • Help 5,300 people to stop smoking tobacco and live healthier lives