Open Framework for Skills Development for Hampshire 2023-2033

Framework background

Hampshire County Council has launched a new Open Framework for Skills Development for Hampshire to onboard training delivery partners across all sectors including public, private, voluntary/community organisations and Employer Representative Groups.

The framework is to support the Council to be able to quickly respond to grant and other funding opportunities to enable delivery of training to the public and employees of businesses across the entire county of Hampshire, including Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight. Delivery may also be required in counties bordering Hampshire including Wiltshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey and West Sussex.

The Framework launched on 1st August 2023 and remains open for new applications from this launch date for the entire 10 year duration of the Framework and is lotted by organisation type. The Framework will be subject to various award procedures such as mini-competitions, e-auctions (for price only awards) and some circumstances where direct awards may be required. All awards through the framework will vary based on funding source and grant conditions and some awards may require to be awarded and delivered very quickly due to the timing constraints placed on the Council by the grant funding.

We are seeking engagement from all types of training organisations including Further Education Colleges, Universities and other Educational establishments as well as private sector and voluntary/community sector delivery partners. We are also seeking engagement from Employer Representative Groups.

Applying to the Framework

If your organisation is interested in applying to become a supplier on the Open Framework please follow the link below and ‘Express Interest’ in the opportunity.

The framework documents and questionnaire to apply.

Framework Lots

The open Framework is lotted by organisation type.  All we require when applying is for suppliers to select a single Lot that best reflects their organisation type:

The Lots on the Framework are:

  • Lot 1: Further Education Colleges
  • Lot 2: Private Sector Training Suppliers (e.g. PLC, Ltd, LLP etc.)
  • Lot 3: Higher Education Establishments
  • Lot 4: Academy Schools and other educational establishments (not covered in Lots 1 & 3)
  • Lot 5: Community/Charity organisations which are ‘not for profit’
  • Lot 6: Other Public Sector Organisations (not covered by other Lots)
  • Lot 7: Employer Representative Groups – i.e. organisations who support industry to employ a skilled, competent and inclusive workforce now and in the future.
Framework documents
Framework suppliers

The list of successful suppliers appointed to the Open Framework is updated on a quarterly basis.

Successful Suppliers list

Awarded contracts

The list of awarded call-off contracts under the Open Framework are listed here and updated on a quarterly basis.

Skills Open Framework - Contracts Awarded