Improvements to the Services Portal

From your feedback, we've made some changes to the Services Portal and they'll be ready to use soon

Finding help and who to contact


We've made it easier to find your organisation administrator contacts. They are the people to get in touch with if you can't see the content or services that you should.

The 'help' section on your dashboard now shows a list of all your admin contacts. In the future, new services might have their own help content. Links to this content will appear here too.

Navigating in the Services Portal

Your feedback has indicated that navigating in the Portal could be easier. To help, we'll be removing the header bar and introducing a slimmer navigation bar.

To start with, it will only include the basics, but over time we'll look at adding in extra links and useful options.

Header changes

Managing users in roles

Organisation Administrators will soon be able to manage all the users in a role and even assign a role to all the users in the organisation.

The new Manage roles tile:

Manage roles

Will show a list of all the roles for services your organisation is subscribed to.

Roles list

Choose a role, and you can then see all users currently assigned. Option buttons let you assign/remove that role to all users in your organisation.

Allocate users

These changes will be in the Services Portal from Thursday 2 January.