Changes to password protected Hantsweb pages 

We are making phased improvements to our web platform to make it easier for schools and organisations to access the information they need from one central place

Hampshire Services Portal account set up for school and organisation staff users

We have set up a new Services Portal where you will be able to sign in and access your organisation’s password protected content and services.

 signing in

Receiving an invitation

You’ll receive an invitation email from [email protected] with the subject Your Hampshire County Council Services Portal account is ready to activate.

Accessing content and services

Once signed in, you’ll see your Services Portal account page. This is where you can see the Hantsweb password protected content and services your Organisation Administrator has provided you access to.

Not all content will be here to start with, it will be a phased approach.


Finding your way around

If you get lost at any point, you can get back to your dashboard by pressing 'Your Account' at the top of the page.

When you're done, sign out by choosing 'Sign out' under Your Account.

Further email updates

You’ll receive a notification email each time your Organisation Administrator provides access to one of your organisation's services. Don’t worry about these.

You might receive a flurry at first, but it’s your way of knowing there’s something new on your account.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the Hantsweb services and content you have access to, please speak with your Organisation Administrator.