Community Grants to reduce the risks relating to serious violence

The County Council is offering an initial short term funding opportunity for local community projects which can engage, build aspiration and capacity or create positive activities and opportunities for vulnerable young people at risk of harm or involvement in serious violence

Who can apply

This is aimed at supporting the County Council’s work with Hampshire Constabulary and a wide range of partners to support young people (upto 25) away from the risk of serious violence in public places including knife crime.

Support funding has recently been made available via the Home Office, initially for 2019/20 which is being used to analyse the drivers for serious violence and enhance targeted services. We welcome applications for community projects and interventions which can support this work.


We welcome applications for activities from £500 to £4,750 which will require:

  • a short outline of your project
  • evidence that the funding will be used to target and engage young people vulnerable to becoming involved in serious violence or those at risk of harm
  • an assurance that the project is run on a not for profit basis
  • a commitment to spend and complete activities by 31st March 2020
  • an indication of how you would prefer to record and report on what is to be delivered and what has been achieved
When and how to apply

Please submit your short application by 15 December. Funds for successful projects will be available from 1st January.

Applications are invited from local organisations and community groups, District, Borough and local councils.