Applying for a place on medical or social grounds

You can request priority for a place at your preferred school if your child or a family member living at the same address has an exceptional medical and/or social need that makes attendance at a particular school essential

'Medical need' does not include mild medical conditions, such as asthma or allergies. 'Social need' does not include a parent’s wish that a child attends the school because of a child's aptitude or because their friends attend the school or because of routine child minding arrangements.

Make a request
  • Tick the appropriate box on the application form to show that you wish your application to be considered on medical and/or social grounds.
  • Submit supporting evidence by the application deadline, from a professional, such as a doctor and/or consultant for medical need or a social worker, health visitor, housing officer, the police or probation officer for social need. The supporting evidence must confirm the child or family’s medical and/or social need and set out why that need makes it essential that your child attends the named school rather than any other
  • Send your evidence to the Admissions Team. All information submitted will be regarded as confidential

Your child or family member’s exceptional medical and/or social need cannot be considered if you do not tick the appropriate box on the application form and submit supporting application by the application deadline.

Providing evidence does not guarantee priority at the preferred school. Decisions will be made based on the merits of each case and whether the evidence demonstrates that a placement should be made at a particular school above any other.

What happens next

For all Hampshire community and voluntary controlled schools:

  • the school and a panel of local authority senior officers will consider your evidence
  • both parties need to agree that your child's admission is essential. If not, your application will be considered against the school's remaining oversubscription criteria

For Academies, Foundation, Aided and Trust Schools:

  • your evidence will be sent to the school for their consideration

Not all schools give priority to children or family members with exceptional medical or social needs. Refer to the individual school's admission policy to see how places are allocated.