Transition to other schools

Children who have been admitted to school outside the normal age group may reach transition points in their education. For example, a child attending an infant school will move up to junior school. A child attending a primary/junior school will transfer to secondary school. A decision by one admission authority does not bind other admission authorities and therefore, if you wish your child to remain outside of their age group when they transfer to a new school, you will need permission again from the admission authority of your preferred school(s) to apply for an outside normal year group place.

Admission authorities will consider your request in the same way as the original request but must also consider the fact your child has been educated in a different year group up until this point. For many children, it will be right for them to remain with their adopted year group, but it is possible that others may be better off joining their normal year group.

For children being educated in a year group lower than their normal age group (also referred to as those who have been ‘decelerated’), you should make your request for an out of age group admission alongside an application for a school place when your child’s normal year group are making applications for a school place. For example, a child being educated in an infant school a year below their normal age group, would apply for a junior school place when they are in Year 1 rather than Year 2. Similarly, a child being educated a year behind their normal age group at primary/junior school would need to make their request for an out of age group admission alongside an application for a school secondary school place when the child is in Year 5 rather than Year 6.

If the request to be admitted outside of the normal age group is approved, the application for a school place can be withdrawn and parents will be permitted to make an application the following year for their child’s adopted year group.

For children who are being educated above their normal age group (or ‘accelerated’),  parents should make an application with their child’s adopted year group with supporting evidence confirming the previously agreed acceleration.