Reporting a data protection concern

Where to direct concerns about data protection in schools

Definition of a potential data concern

These are concerns about the way your school or educational establishment is handling personal information, such as: 

  • is the information factually correct/accurate
  • who they have given it to
  • has someone said it is ok (provided consent) for this to happen?

Note: The law may allow the sharing of information without the need for consent from an individual. Although the individual might not be happy with a situation, it does not mean that an incident has definitely occurred.

Responsibility for investigating a concern

Contact the school if the incident or concern is believed to have been caused by the school.

As their own data controllers, schools are responsible for investigating these issues. The County Council does not handle these issues.

If you have concerns with the way that the County Council has handled your personal information, then information about how to contact us is available on the County Council’s data protection webpages.