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Ingredient Stretches: Tips on making your ingredients go a little further…

Utilise pulses, lentils and grains within your menu. It is a great way to make your recipes go further, introduce healthier options, reduce costs and build in hidden protein. For example, using red lentils in a tomato base pasta sauce can be a great way to reduce the cheese or meat protein whilst giving the children a tasty sauce to enjoy with their pasta.

Here are just some meals you can add these into to help stretch them a little further… chilli, curry, cottage pie, Bolognese, pasta sauces, pizza base sauces, sausages, moussaka, shepherd’s pie… and so much more!

Avoid food waste!

Over ordering online or being tempted by buy one get one free or half price offers as well as over cooking can lead to lots of food waste at home. To help keep your costs down, look at creating new innovative dishes. For example, melon pith and banana skins always go in the bin… Instead, use these to make sauces and chutneys to serve with dishes rather than buying them in.

Here are some of our dishes to help you with the most thrown away food items …

Our top 3 saving recipes / waste

  • Banana katsu ketchup
  • Melon rind chutney
  • Stale bread soup

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