Simply Veg

VegPower brings in expert support to help families at mealtimes during cost-of-living crisis.

Dec 14 2022

The cost-of-living crisis has seen 49% of families reduce their vegetable purchases with 25% making less home cooked food. Vegetable retail sales have hit a record low which means children and their parents are probably eating less vegetables.

As many families know, we’ve supported the VegPower eat them to defeat them campaign for the last three years with good success in getting children to eat more vegetables during school lunch. To try and counteract growing concerns that the cost-of-living crisis is having on children’s diets, we support Vegpower’s new initiative called 'Simply Veg'. The campaign went live this autumn and the team at Vegpower have asked for support of the school catering community to help.

The campaign offers lots of expert support around family meals, home economics and even child food psychology. It aims to help parents and carers to serve more sustainable, healthy and affordable food that children and families will love. Families can find lots of recipes that include vegetables either as a main or side dish or even in a dessert on our recipes pages.

VegPower has also got some of the most influential children’s entertainment brands to add the magic that engages the children – starting with a Kung Fu Panda special in November. Find more about Simply Veg .

Children dancing with vegetables