Catering for young children

Many of our infant and primary schools are attached to nurseries which means we feed young children too. We create menus that your little ones’ taste buds will savour. They not only help to expand their palate but as they move from pre-school to infant school, they are exposed to the variety of nutritious dishes they can expect through their school journey. Just like at school, nursery school age children will have a three-week rolling menu.

More than just lunch

At primary school, lunchtime can be an important opportunity for social interaction for young children and a perfect way to explore life skills from an early age such as building confidence and independence.

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Does your child need a medical special diet to eat lunch at school?

Medical special diets are prepared for children at Education Catering schools who have been advised to avoid a certain food by a medical professional. Special diets are managed through our dedicated special diet portal.  

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Moving to secondary school

The lunch experience in middle and secondary school is different from primary school but the ethos remains the same; we still cook and provide tasty meals that will contribute to students’ wellbeing and which are good for the planet too! 

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