The lunch experience in middle and secondary school is different from primary school but the ethos remains the same; we still cook and provide tasty meals that will contribute to students’ wellbeing and which are good for the planet too! 

At most of our secondary schools, we provide a mid-morning break service. This hits the spot for students who need a boost of energy to get them through to lunchtime or who wish to purchase something for their lunch early.

Salisbury 6th Form College

At Salisbury 6th Form College coffee lounge we start the college day the right way. From bacon rolls, veggie sausage baps to egg muffins and porridge, students can grab some breakfast before lessons.

Throughout the day, we provide a contemporary range of lite bites, mains worth the wait plus a range of drinks including our Arabica and Robusta bean coffee that’s roasted in Hampshire.

Food on offer at Salisbury 6th From College