Contactless ways to pay 

We use biometric fingerprint technology to recognise students when they collect their school meals. Parents can order and pay for food and drinks online which brings with it many benefits for parents, pupils, and schools.

It stops students from losing their lunch money, it keeps the anonymity of those receiving free school meals and makes the lunchtime routine efficient as it speeds up the queues and reduces students making purchases outside of school which research shows are often unhealthy.

Each student’s account is entirely confidential, and all pupils use the same payment method during mealtimes at the till. 

Finger print recognition

How do biometric payments work? 

It’s easy. Parents add payments. Student id is scanned at the till when lunch is collected. Students can load money onto their card/account by following simple on screen instructions on the machine. This way they can use their fingerprint to access and credit their account, and make payments for food and drinks. Parents can view the account from alerts to see what their child has purchased, see the balance and check the spending history. 

To view and download your school’s menus, please visit your individual school’s website or ask them directly for their menus. 

Top up lunch money machine

Cash in college

In our colleges students can pay using their contactless debit or credit card. We also accept cash.