Whole school work

Sometimes larger, systemic changes are needed to improve the educational experiences for children, young people, and staff alike.

Whole-school change

If requested, through our SLA (Service Level Agreement) we can work with senior leaders at your school to think about whole-school changes. This includes changes like making your school autism-friendly, or altering your behaviour policy so that it has a relational focus.

Relational focus

A relational focus prioritises relationships, attachment, and a sense of belonging to promote good mental health. Attachment in relationships refers to the relationships between people, including children and their caregivers. Focussing on attachment is particularly important for children who have experienced trauma and multiple relational losses. A relational focus highlights the impact of attachment relationships on children’s ability to succeed in school. Implementation typically involves a movement away from rewards and punishments for behaviour and emphasises the development of relationships.

Implementation framework

Based on research and developed by one of our Educational Psychologists (EP), the Implementation Framework is a structured way to plan and bring about lasting change in your school. The framework is central to the process of an Implementation Focused Consultation, involving an EP working with relevant school staff (who form part of an Implementation Team), to jointly create a plan for change (the schools Implementation Plan). A plan-do-review cycle is recommended for best practice.

Speak to your school’s EP for more information.