Children missing education

A child missing from education (CME) is a child of compulsory school age. They are not:

  • registered at a school
  • placed in alternative provision by a local authority
  • getting suitable Elective Home Education

Reasons why children go missing from education can include:

  • not starting school at the appropriate time and therefore not entering the education system
  • being removed from school by their parents due to problems at school, disinterest, or poor attendance
  • stopping their education due to exclusion, illness or bullying.
  • not finding a suitable school place after moving to a new area
  • personal circumstances (for example if the family is homeless and they are living in temporary accommodation or a refuge, or if there are long term medical or emotional problems).

We have a duty to identify children missing from education in Hampshire where possible. We must also negotiate support for them to make sure that they get back into education.

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Guidance for children on school roll but absent and at risk of missing in education

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