About Hampshire’s Legal Intervention Team (LIT)

To help schools to improve school attendance

The LIT is an integral part of the Family Support Service in Hampshire. It has three teams based across the eight districts, with each team consisting of Attendance Intervention Officers (AIO) and Assistant Attendance Intervention Officers (AAIO).

It is the role of the team to determine whether legal sanctions are appropriate as only the Local Authority can prosecute parents. Before considering any legal sanctions, the Local Authority has a duty and responsibility to ensure all attempts to engage and support the family have been exhausted. Where a family is struggling with attendance, AIO/AAIO’s are able to provide help and support through a whole family approach, working alongside the family with schools and other partners. It is expected intervention will be short term and attendance will improve in this period. Legal sanctions will be considered when it is in the best interests of the child and when it is appropriate. It will be the responsibility of the AIO to process legal sanctions as directed by their Manager.

The LIT provides an advice line to schools and social care colleagues on 01252 814838. Please note this number should only be used for advice on the Attendance Legal Process and for help deciding whether a referral to the Legal Intervention Team is appropriate.