Pathways - information for referrers and young people

Preparing young people for their future

The Pathways programme supports young people to build confidence in making personal and independent choices, as well as helping them to understand how this impacts on their wellbeing, confidence, social skills, planning skills, social awareness, and motivation. Our learning strategy is ‘learning by doing.’

Young people will receive support with English, maths and Essential Digital Skills through engaging and interesting activities which are relevant to their personal development. They will work towards an Entry 3 Award in Personal and Social Development and the Bronze or Silver Duke of Edinburgh award.

Pathways is designed for young people who want to develop their personal and social skills to enable them to take the next step in their future, which may include employment or further study.

Who can apply for Pathways?

  • 16 –25 years old with a SEND need
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to learn and motivation to work at developing their independence
Photo of classroom with teacher making presentation
Staff are very supportive and my child feels safe. Pathways has restored his confidence in himself
Pathways parent feedback

Programme information

We have designed a flexible programme that aims to prepare young people to develop independence skills and appropriate behaviours for life and work as well as improving their maths, English and Digital skills.

Depending on their ability and level of need young people may access either one or two years on the Pathway programme.

The programme will run for 34 weeks across the academic year, including a 3 week initial induction period.

Pathways will support young people to:

  • Develop an understanding of independent living and travel skills
  • Work towards improving their maths, English and Essential Digital skills
  • Build up an awareness of the world of work and start to identify some of the key skills that will enable positive progression from the programme
  • Gain a Duke of Edinburgh Award qualification
Two young people selling books
This programme has given Jack a purpose and a real sense of achievement
Pathways parent feedback

Induction period

The first 3 weeks is a period of induction, team building and getting to know the individual young people on the programme. It is delivered across two days per week, developing personal development skills, Duke of Edinburgh, maths, English and digital skills.

Core programme

Our aim is to empower learners and build their confidence as individuals to promote their independence.

Training is then delivered as a blended learning approach of classroom and community activities. In addition, learners also attend tutorial and pastoral sessions.

Photo of young people standing at a book stall
I am really enjoying the programme.
Jack, Pathways student


The Pathways Delivery Team provide ongoing support for the young person throughout.

In the classroom learners will be supported by a tutor and specialist Skills Coach. This is designed to give the learner the opportunity to experience and gain skills in becoming more independent, develop stronger communication skills to become a responsible and valued member of the group. Learners will also build their confidence to travel independently where required.

Learners may be eligible to receive a bursary, for financial support and help with travel costs in specific circumstances. It is subject to personal circumstances and is available to those that meet the eligibility requirements. To find out more and refer a young person on to the Pathways programme: email [email protected]

Progression opportunities from this course are:

  • Supported Internship – for those that meet the entry requirements
  • Further Education
  • Full time employment
  • Volunteering work
  • Transition support to a suitable destination
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