Anglo-Saxon experience

Investigating Anglo-Saxon Life in our Longhouse

Learning objective

To understand what life was like for people living in this area during the Anglo-Saxon era.


This is a brand new session and will take place in our newly built Longhouse!

During this 2-hour session, children will have an opportunity to investigate and explore what life was like for the Anglo-Saxons by engaging in a range of activities.

The first hour will be spent investigating, through activities such as: looking closely at Anglo-Saxon artefacts; carrying out an archaeological dig; piecing pottery together ...and many more.

The second hour will find us all dressing up as Anglo-Saxons and carrying out some common Anglo-Saxon daily tasks. These may include: building a wattle and daub hurdle; making cord using a lucet; making clay pots; pounding herbs in a pestle and mortar ….to name a few.

Key information

Two-hour session

This is available for Key Stage 2 children

The key focus for this is Cultural