Earth walks

Exploring the conservation area using some of our 5 senses

Earth Walks
Learning objective

To use our senses to experience the awe and wonder of the world around us.


During this 1-hour or 2-hour session, children have an opportunity to use their senses to explore the natural world around them. earth walks can be included on a one-hour session and five or six in a two-hour session. Teachers are asked to select from: sky-eye, nature’s palettes, smelly cocktails, meet-a-tree, sound symphony, snapshot, touch boxes or eye-spy trail; selections can be made on the first day of your visit.

An alternative Sensory Safari is available. This incorporates 5 earth walks, in an hour-long session, and as is carried out on a walk around our grounds.

Key information

One-hour or two-hour session

This is available for Key Stage 2 children; an adapted version is available for Key Stage 1 children.

The key focus for this is Environment