Where have badger and fox been

Learning outcome

To use photographic landscape clues to recognise and find a place.

Key Stubbington focus

Mapping skills - looking up

  • For lower Key Stage 2
  • Duration 1 hour
Success criteria
  • I can look carefully at clues in a photo
  • I can match the photo to a place
  • I can safely travel to that place
Session plan

There are two different courses you can use, the green course (badger) or the orange course (fox). The green course is an easier course, with the photographs being of more commonly visited places on site and more obvious pictorial clues. The orange course has more obscure places and harder clues, therefore harder to identify and locate.

Introduction 10 minutes in the classroom

In your classroom get the children into pairs. Each pair will need a clipboard, worksheet (either a green or an orange one depending on which course they are doing) and pencil. Remind them to put their names on the sheet.

Explain that they are going to investigate the grounds in search of small green tags that badger has placed around. These tags are small, about 10cm by 2cm, and are attached onto wooden surfaces.

To help them find the tag you will be giving them a picture clue. Explain that although badger, or fox, is in the picture you will not find him around the grounds.

Main 40 minutes

Once they have found the location of the green tag they will need to write the word that is written on it on their worksheet in the correct space.

Children will then need to return to the classroom to collect another picture clue. They can do the pictures in any order.

Once they have collected all ten pictures they must then return to the classroom for you to check them against the answer sheet. The words will form a sentence. This is the location of a green ‘prize’ bag.

Whichever pair completes the activity and gets the green bag will be the winners. Their prizes will be inside the bag. (NB. The bag will be hanging up either at; the tree by the playground (green course) or the games room back door (orange course))

5-10 minutes before the end of the session

Begin to keep children inside the classroom as they come back for more picture clues. (They will not be able to hear a whistle being blown in certain parts of the grounds!). Count them back in and collect in the pictures.

Plenary 5-10 minutes

  • Go through the answers and congratulate the winners
  • What strategies did the winning pair use?
  • What can we all learn from this?

Less able children

Supported by adult, who can give clues based on what is in the picture.

More able children

  • Complete the orange course
  • Give a blank site map and ask the chn to plot their route/location of tags as they move around

Previsit activities

Interpreting pictures or photographs.

Follow up activities

Create own school photo trail.

Health and safety checks
  • Ensure that children remain with their partners
  • Tell the children they are not allowed to go through Earthquake zone or Badgerland
  • Stay away from the ponds
  • Don’t go into any buildings
  • Stay off the car park.