Learn to use a compass and follow bearings to complete an orienteering course

Learning objective

To set and follow a bearing on a compass.


This can either be selected as a one-hour session or a two-hour session. Within both sessions, children will be taught how to use a compass to set a bearing. In pairs, they will have an opportunity to follow a bearing and complete an orienteering course.

One-hour session – a simple short course is followed around the hard-court area. An opportunity to practise the skills learnt.

Two-hour session – a ten-point course is followed around the conservation area. The children will complete a practise run before coming back to complete the BIG RACE.

Key information

One OR two hour sessions available (please specify which when providing the centre with activity choices)

This is available for Key Stage 2 children (Year 4 +)

The key focus for this is: Mapping – Skill