Tricky trees

Eco - warriors trying to save the Stubbington Study Centre trees from being chopped down

Tricky trees
Learning objective

To understand the 7 life processes common to all other living things, particularly in the context of trees.


During this 2-hour session, children will be given a scenario based on the centre losing some of its trees due to construction work on the site. They will need to be eco-warriors to help us save these trees. Children will have an opportunity to investigate the 7-life processes common in all living things. The session will start with a dramatic ‘build a tree’ activity which will cover lots of related vocabulary, before moving onto research stations. This knowledge will then be used within an activity in the conservation area, requiring children to identify and find specific trees. To find the correct tree children will use maps with co-ordinates or grid referencing.

Key information

Two-hour session

This is available for Key Stage 2 children (Yr4 and above)

The key focus for this is: Environmental – Trees