Visiting us

Find out about our fantastic accommodation, food, activities and staff

Stubbington experience

There is the chance to take part in a variety of outdoor educational activities, learning about the local environment and the animals and plants in the grounds. There are many activities that encourage teamwork, and develop independence skills like learning how to be responsible and organised.


AccomodationOur accommodation is friendly, safe, secure and comfortable.

Each school occupies their own area within the sleeping accommodation and visiting staff supervise their own children overnight.

Each bedroom sleeps 6 in bunks and has toilet and shower facilities opposite.

Staff bedrooms all have a sink and shower and are spread out throughout the building at a ratio of 1 staff room to 2 children's bedrooms.

We provide all bed linen.

Each school has its own indoor 'gathering space' within which they can assemble their children in the evenings. These spaces include resources for self-led evening activities, should the school wish to offer these.

Food - The Snuffle Hole

Food hygiene ratingThis is the place to get great food! We call our dining room 'The Snuffle Hole', can you find out why?

We provide four meals a day so there’s plenty of fuel for the day!

There is a great choice of foods to eat from the weekly menu, so there will be something for everybody.

Meal times also offer a great chance to make new friends from another school and to chat about what's been going on that day.

Children with specific dietary needs can be catered for. Before your child’s visit, the school will discuss dietary needs with us

Games room and adventure playground

Games room

We have a games room that can be used during any free time. There are lots of games to play with and some of them are free such as table tennis. There are also pinball tables (20p per game) and pool tables (40p per game).

There’s also an adventure playground, but only with adult supervision.

We provide padder tennis bats and balls, as well as pétanque balls, with the chance play on our large chess boards.

The hard court and the field

On one side of the adventure playground is the hard court area. We provide the balls to play football, netball or basketball.

Conservation area

Our woodland conservation area is as big as two football pitches with mixed woodland (deciduous and coniferous), scrub and meadowland. It provides a wide range of habitats for mammals, birds and minibeasts.

We have seven ponds which provide varied habitats for frogs, newts, dragonflies and many other pond creatures.

A maze of mounds, ditches and pathways is there for you to explore.

Rough grass, brambles and rotting wood provide ideal homes for our wildlife. We have voles, minibeasts and two species of mice (yellow neck and long-tailed field mouse). It's also a good hunting ground for predators!


It's not all play at Stubbington. There are all sorts of fun activities to work hard on that help you to discover more about yourselves and the world around you.

Although most of our time is spent outdoors, mainly in our conservation area, we do have classrooms for follow-up work and evening class sessions.
All of our classrooms or study bases are named after animals' homes. They are called:

  • The Holt (otter)
  • The Lair (deer)
  • The Den (weasel)
  • The Fortress (mole)
  • The Burrow (mouse)

We also have log circles in our grounds that can be used as outdoor classroom areas.

What to bring

At Stubbington we love working outside so if you come to us for a week then be prepared to spend lots of your time outdoors. You need to make sure you bring the right clothing so you keep warm and dry particularly if it rains.

Here are the things to remember to bring:

  • Trainers and wellington boots (these are needed for beach activities)
  • At least one pair of long trousers/tracksuit bottoms (Even in hot weather, children will be asked to wear long trousers when working around some areas, to help keep them safe from ticks)
  • Extra socks and underclothing for the week
  • Waterproof coat or warm coat
  • Gloves, hat, extra sweaters etc. in colder times of the year
  • Sun hats and sun cream in warmer times of year
  • Water bottle
  • Pyjamas or nightdress, slippers and dressing gown
  • Wash kit (including toothbrush and toothpaste), in a bag, NO AEROSOLS
  • Named shower cap & bobbles or similar for long hair
  • Two distinctive towels (one to be used as a hand towel)
  • Games clothes

If you want to bring binoculars, cameras and torches you can but make sure they have your name on them. Remember you will be responsible for looking after them.

Don't bring any valuables such as mobile phones, jewellery, mp3 players or electronic games in case they get lost or broken

A great idea is to write a packing list so that when packing to go home at the end of the nothing is forgotten.

Make sure all the clothes that you bring to Stubbington are named

We suggest up to £15 pocket money for the week. Our tuck shop sells sweets and drinks, as well as a wide range of souvenirs.


Children who are taken ill or injured during the day will be taken to the first aid room and looked after by welfare assistants who can administer basic first aid. The staff accompanying the children on the trip will look after the children if they become ill at night.

Access and accessibility

We aim to ensure that all children are included in activities. If a child has a disability that limits their access to an activity we do our best to adapt.

We work closely with schools and parents to understand individual needs and how we can help to make their experience whole.

Further information on accessibility