Health and safety at Stubbington Study Centre

The wellbeing of children who visit Stubbington Study Centre is of paramount importance


All staff at the centre are DBS checked and trained in safeguarding. Our child protection policy is regularly reviewed.

Schools are responsible for ensuring their staff or helpers are DBS checked.

Risk assessment

All our activities have been risk assessed.

We minimise all identified risks whilst allowing children the freedom to safely explore our site. All activities are planned by experienced and trained staff.

Visiting staff who lead activities are fully briefed and made aware of all health and safety issues.

Emergency support

Visiting staff have access to an internal phone and a list of emergency contact numbers for Centre staff who are resident on site overnight.

First aid

We have two dedicated Welfare Assistants who administer first aid and help with children who feel ill. Many other staff are also first aid trained.

First aid kits are located around the site and for off-site visits, staff carry first aid kits.

School staff manage and administer their own children’s medication and, each week, our Welfare Assistant produces a briefing for centre staff on first aid and medical issues for particular children.


Our buildings are locked from the outside each night. Emergency exit doors will still open from the inside in the case of a fire.

Once locked, access is obtained via a security code which is given to visiting teachers.

Our drive gate is locked each evening and the site is monitored by CCTV.


We maintain the highest standards of fire safety. All areas of the Centre are covered by fire alarms. The sleeping accommodation has a sprinkler system and staff are trained in fire safety.

We also have a comprehensive fire risk assessment. All visitors complete a fire drill on their first day.