Booking terms and conditions

Applications for places

The centre can accommodate a maximum of 112 children mostly in 6 bedded rooms. Within this accommodation, schools will have their own sleeping, washing and drying room areas and a space to gather their children for evening activities. School staff are responsible for organising and supervising their own children overnight.

Applications should be received by the Centre no later than 31 January

An application cannot be secured until a booking form and payment have been received and acknowledged by the Centre on the confirmation of booking form, in accordance with the conditions below.

Allocation policy

The following allocation policy is a ‘desirable outcome’ and will be used to guide decisions in the interest of fairness. However when allocating places to schools, our priority is to fill the centre in order for this self-funded service to remain financially viable. Our ‘break even’ target is 100 children per week.

Where possible, places will be allocated to schools that have applied by 31st January, on the following prioritised basis: 

  • schools that accepted a booking in the previous year that was not their first choice
  • schools that were unsuccessful in their applications last year
  • schools that booked a place within the last two years
  • other Hampshire, Portsmouth or Southampton local authority schools
  • schools from other areas or authorities

If booking forms and initial deposit cheques are not received at the Centre within 28 days, then these slots may be offered to other schools.

Schools that apply after 31st January will be offered any slots not filled following the above process.

Prices for 2019-2020


Charge per pupil for a standard Monday to Friday visit

School type Zone 1 (April to July) Zone 2 (September to November and February to March) Zone 3 (December to January)
ALL KS1 and 2 Schools £227 £212 £188

For visits of less than five days (Monday to Friday) the charge will be calculated as fifths of the above charges. For example, for a three day visit the charge will be three fifths of the above.


  • Resident visiting staff are accommodated free of charge at a staff / pupil ratio of 1:12, or 2 free places per activity group of up to 36 children.
  • Additional free staff places could be offered to enable the inclusion of children who require 1:1 support to enable them to attend. This is subject to agreement by the Head of Centre. There are a finite number of staff beds available, so contact the Centre as soon as possible if additional staff are required.
  • Any extra staff, that can be accommodated, will be charged at the child’s rate, unless by special arrangement with the Centre.
Schools will be charged for the number of places booked, unless any shortfall in numbers can be taken up by another school

Initial deposit

A non-returnable deposit of £250 is required within 28 days of receipt of your booking offer slip. This payment will be secured through the issue of an internal trading document for Hampshire County Council schools. For non-Hampshire County Council schools it should be in the form of a cheque made payable to Hampshire County Council which must accompany your confirmation of booking form.

Interim payment

10 weeks before the date of your visit, we will issue an internal trading document or invoice for 25% of the total projected cost of your trip, based on the numbers you initially booked.

Final payment

An internal trading document or external invoice will be raised post-visit for the outstanding balance, based on initial numbers booked plus any additional costs (visitor meals, increase in number of children, etc) that may have been incurred less the initial deposit and interim payment. This must be paid upon receipt.


Initial deposits will not be refunded

Any child who returns home for medical reasons (confirmed by our Welfare Assistant) will only be charged for the days in residence.

Any child who returns home for reasons of homesickness or ill-discipline will not be refunded.


Cancellation prior to acceptance of our booking offer, or within 28 days of receipt of this offer, whichever is sooner, incurs no penalty.

Cancellation following acceptance of our booking offer incurs full-cost penalty unless another school takes up the places you have booked.


No charge is made for visiting head teachers. Other occasional visiting staff will be charged for meals and refreshments consumed and for any overnight accommodation at the following rates:

  • overnight accommodation £20.00 (per night)
  • breakfast £6.00
  • lunch £7.00
  • evening meal £8.00
  • other refreshments (drinks, biscuits, fruit etc) are costed individually
Any personal visitors must report to Centre staff on arrival

Educational consumables used by children in residence (worksheets, art materials etc.) are not charged for, but items taken by staff for use back in school will be billed. Prices on application.

Extra items purchased by visiting staff for personal use will be charged individually on the Friday morning.


The discipline and conduct of your school will be the responsibility of the teacher in charge from that school. The Centre reserves the right to: 

  • send home any child who is a danger to themselves or others through poor behaviour or illness. Schools are advised to have procedures in place should such an event arise
  • demand payment for wilful damage to property or equipment. Genuine accidents may not be charged for

Liability for loss, damage or injury is only accepted by Hampshire County Council if resulting from negligence by the County Council, its servants or agents.

We recommend that you take out school journey insurance to cover risks of accident, illness, loss of personal belongings or cancellation. Your local authority can often provide this for a small fee.